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Easter, Granddaughter-Find the Chicks for Susie Bunny, Activity

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Title: Easter, Granddaughter-Find the Chicks for Susie Bunny, Activity

Inside: Did you find the chicks on the front of this card, or did you think it was a tiny bit hard? There is one in her basket and one in her bow, and one very close to Susie's big toe. One little chick has hidden his head under the shell of a big easter egg. Another is hiding under a daisy, and the chick at the top seems a bit lazy. He's upside down and fast asleep, maybe he's tired of playing Hide and Seek. But if you found them all and didn't get bored, Susie may thank you with a little reward. For helping her out which was very kind, she could leave you this Easter ... an EGG to find!

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Artist Notes: Susie, a cute little bunny is looking for chicks in a colourful field of flowers and easter eggs. Young children have to find the 6 chicks hidden in the picture. The answer is in verse form on the inside. This is a fun activity card for a Granddaughter at Easter.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Carol M. Kearns

"How quick are you to find the missing ones?" By Diane T - April 1st, 2020
My granddaughter is turning 8 and she will love this search and fine card. Sending it along in her Ester Basket.
"Granddaughter - find the chicks for Susie Bunny" By Emanuele A - April 9th, 2018
Bought this Easter card for my granddaughter which she liked a lot as it included a small game to find the chicks for Susie Bunny.
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