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Summer Afternoon Rabbits in a Boat Birthday Card

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Title: Summer Afternoon Rabbits in a Boat Birthday Card

Inside: May your day be filled with simple pleasures. Happy Birthday!

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Artist Notes: Four rabbits in a row boat, enjoying the summer afternoon. A peaceful scene. Paris Bottman's whimsically dressed, human-like animals reflect the thoughts and feelings we need to express. - very cute - colored pencil drawing.

Card Size: 7x5 Inches

Card Artist: Paris Bottman

"Got grandchildren?" By JACQUELINE M - September 21st, 2019
This will capture their imagination, and probably will be different from the other cards they get.
"The artwork is just lovely. I want to jump in." By Karla G - March 12th, 2015
The card was for National Lost Sock Memorial Day. (Search High. Search Low. And yet, you know, That lost sock will never show.) Admittedly the bunnies don't exactly look as if they are frantically searching for lost socks, but I like to think they've reached the acceptance stage - they've mourned and are now in a peaceful place.
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