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Common Questions

1. What is your delivery time?
All orders are shipped out the next business day from Northern California, New York or United Kingdom, based on your destination.

Following are delivery expectations once the order has been shipped:
  • Standard Shipping to United States West Coast: 3 to 7 business days from ship date
  • Standard Shipping to United States East Coast: 3 to 7 business days from ship date
  • Priority Shipping within United States: 2 to 4 business days from ship date
  • 2nd Day Shipping within United States: 2nd business day from ship date
  • Overnight within United States: Next business day from ship date
  • International UK deliveries: 1 to 3 business days from ship date
  • International Other European deliveries: 3 to 7 business days from ship date
  • International Non European country deliveries: 7 to 20 business days from ship date
  • Please allow extra days for holidays and bad weather conditions.
  • Cards sent directly to recipient are via USPS (Post Office), with 1st class postage stamp applied on the envelope. Delivery expectation is same as Standard Shipping above.
  • If you choose to pick your cards up at a selected retail store they usually are ready within 1 hour after you place your order.
  • Standard shipping is via USPS and UPS Ground. Priority shipping is via USPS. Overnight and 2nd Day shipping is via UPS.
  • Cards sent to UK or European countries are generally via Royal Mail.
  • All cards "sent to yourself" include a blank envelope.

2. How much do cards cost?
The following is our standard pricing. We do not overcharge customers for shipping like most companies, so please keep that in mind when comparing prices.

Orders of a single card or an assortment of cards in any quantity under 3,000:
Quantity Price Per Card
2 - 4$2.99
5 - 24$2.79
25 - 49$2.49
50 - 99$2.29
100 - 199*$1.99
200 - 499*$1.79
500 - 999*$1.49
Over 1,000*$1.39
* Orders exceeding 25 cards are not eligible for in-store pickup

3. Do you offer bulk discounts?
Orders of an identical card, which includes the same inner verse, in quantities of 3,000 or more:
Quantity Price Per Card
3,000 - 3,999*$1.19
4,000 - 4,999*$1.09
5,000 - 7,499*$0.89
7,500 - 9,999*$0.79
10,000 - 14,999*$0.69
15,000 - 19,999*$0.61
20,000 - 24,999*$0.57
25,000 - 49,999*$0.55
Over 50,000*$0.51

4. Is personalization free?
Yes it is. You can personalize the inside text and upload a photo for free. Some cards allow you to personalize the card cover as well.

Other customization options:
  • Specific cards can be customized by its respective artists via a request by you. (look for the artist pallete icon)
  • If you can't find "that right card" anywhere on our site, you can send a request to our artist community and be presented with several options, often within a few hours. There is no charge for customization.
  • All photocard front covers can be customized by adding your favorite pictures and in some cases text.

5. Are these quality cards?
We've been in business since 2000 and your satisfaction is our top priority. Click here to see what our customers say about our the quality of our cards and service.
  • Our cards are professional grade, similar to the cards you purchase at your local greeting card store:
  • Cards mailed from Greeting Card Universe are printed on 111 lb greeting card paper.
  • In-store pickup cards are printed on 100 lb Kodak duplex greeting card paper. Note: 100 lb paper weight is the most common stock used for greeting cards and can be compared to the weight of an average index card. If you desire premium cardstock we suggest you have your cards mailed directly from Greeting Card Universe.
  • Envelope stock is 80 lb., classic crest.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee*
  • Feel free to call 877-347-6784 with any questions

6. How much does shipping cost

A. Shipping Charges for Cards Sent to Someone Else:
Postage per Card

United States$0.55
United Kingdom*$1.06
All Other International$1.75
* Shipped from the United Kingdom.

B. Standard Shipping Charges for Cards Sent to Yourself within the United States:
Cards Shipped Standard Shipping
1 $2.00
2 $2.75
3 $2.99
4 $3.50
5 $3.99
6 $3.99
7 $3.99
8 $3.99
9 $3.99
10 - 19 $0.00
20 - 49 $0.00
50 - 99 $0.00
100 - 149 $0.00
150 - 199 $0.00
200 - 249 $0.00
250 - 299 $0.00
300 - 399 $0.00
400 - 499 $0.00
500 - 749 $0.00
750 - 999 $0.00
1000 - 1249 $0.00
1250 - 1499 $0.00
1500 - 2499 $0.00
Over 2500 $0.00

C. You can choose Expedited Shipping for Cards Mailed to Yourself or a third Party within the United States. There are no expedited shipping options for cards sent outside the United States. The charges are as follows:
Cards Shipped Priority Overnight 2nd Day
1 - 9 $30.00 $20.00
10 - 19 $48.00 $22.50
20 - 49 $51.00 $25.00
50 - 99 $61.00 $30.00
100 - 149 $71.00 $40.00
150 - 199 $81.00 $50.00
200 - 249 $91.00 $60.00
250 - 299 $101.00 $70.00
300 - 399 $111.00 $80.00
400 - 499 $121.00 $90.00
500 - 599 $150.00 $100.00
600 - 699 $175.00 $110.00
700 - 799 $200.00 $120.00
800 - 899 $225.00 $130.00
900 - 999 $250.00 $140.00
1000 - 1499 $300.00 $204.50
1500 - 1999 $400.00 $267.40
2000 - 2499 $500.00 $334.10
2500 - 2999 $600.00 $400.70

D. Standard Shipping Charges for Cards Sent to Yourself from the United Kingdom:
Cards Shipped United Kingdom Europe*
1. $1.25 $2.40
2 - 4. $1.35 $2.90
5 - 9. $0.00 $4.00
10 - 20. $0.00 $8.00
21 - 25. $0.00 $10.50
26 - 50. $0.00 $25.50
51 - 75. $0.00 $32.80
76 - 100. $0.00 $45.20
101 - 150. $0.00 $54.70
151 - 200. $0.00 $64.20
201 - 250. $0.00 $77.40
251 - 300. $0.00 $77.40
301 - 400. $0.00 $103.80
401 - 500. $0.00 $121.40
501 - 1000. $250.00
* Europe includes: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Republic of, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City

E. International Shipping Charges for Cards Sent to Yourself:
Cards Shipped International* Canada Mexico
1 $3.50 $2.80 $2.80
2 - 4 $3.50 $2.80 $2.80
5 - 9 $3.50 $3.60 $2.80
10 - 20 $9.80 $4.70 $7.20
21 - 25 $13.00 $6.70 $9.70
26 - 50 $17.60 $9.60 $15.90
51 - 75 $31.10 $17.50 $22.50
76 - 100 $40.80 $19.40 $28.40
101 - 150 $55.10 $30.95 $39.45
151 - 200 $68.80 $40.30 $53.30
201 - 250 $78.90 $47.10 $61.10
251 - 300 $92.50 $54.80 $71.30
301 - 400 $103.50 $58.50 $76.50
401 - 500 $132.80 $72.30 $92.30
501 - 1000 $250.00
* International shipping excludes the United Kingdom and Europe. See above for shipping rates for the United Kingdom and European countries.

F. You can choose Expedited Shipping for Bulk Orders sent to yourself or a third party within the United States. There are no expedited shipping options for Bulk Orders sent outside the United States. The charges are as follows:
Shipping Cost is Percentage of Total Card Price

Cards Shipped** Priority Overnight 2nd Day
3,000 - 10,00025%15%
10,001 - 20,00030%25%
20,001 - 30,00035%25%
30,001 - 40,00035%25%
40,001 - 50,00035%25%
Over 50,00035%25%
Note - Bulk orders of 3000 or more identical cards will take approximately 7 to 10 days to ship.

Certain countries may charge additional fees, such as custom fees and independent carrier fees. We cannot anticipate these fees and will not be able to reimburse you for any additional fees incurred. Please contact your local customs office or branch office of the US Postal Service to determine what type of fees you may expect based upon the type of merchandise you wish to order. We're sorry but we are not able to designate any packages as gifts.

* We can not be responsible for errors and mistakes out of our control (e.g. user error, late delivery, etc)

7. Who can I mail the cards to?
There are three delivery options available:
  1. You can have one card mailed directly to someone else.
  2. You can have one or more cards mailed anywhere you choose (yourself, business, third party). Shipment comes with one blank envelope for each card in the order.

8. How quickly are cards mailed
They are usually mailed the very next business day, as long as you've placed your order by midnight Pacific Standard Time.

You can also choose to send the cards out at a later (specified) date.

If you choose to pick your cards up at a selected retail store they usually are ready within 1 hour after you've placed your order.

9. Do you ship outside of the US?
Yes, we do. Orders for all UK and most European countries are printed and mailed from our UK facilities. Other international orders are shipped from our Northern California print facilities.

Please allow 1-3 days for UK deliveries, 3-5 days for European, and 7-20 days for all other countries.

10. Are envelopes included?
Yes. When you request the cards to be shipped to you, there will be a blank envelope included for each card. Single cards that are sent directory to a recipient, go out in a regular envelope and stamp with your return address, as if you had sent it yourself.

11. Can I expedite a shipment to a recipient?
The simple answer is No, but there is a work around. You can select a shipment with blank envelope, and then change the address from yours to the recipient. Keep in mind that it will be delivered with a blank envelope inside a larger envelope, including a packing slip for the order.

12. What is your return policy?
Greeting Card Universe offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all orders. If you receive damaged, defective, or incorrectly printed items (excludes customer added content), we will be happy to provide replacements free of charge, or issue a full refund. Please notify us within 30 days of purchase through our Contact Us page. Please include the order number, date purchased, description and photos showing issue (required before proceeding with replacements).

Due to the personalized nature of our cards, Greeting Card Universe will not accept responsibility for the quality of the content added by the customer including misspelled words, grammatical errors, formatting changes, or uploaded photos. We will not provide refunds or accept returns for these reasons.

13. What is the handling fee for?
The handling fee is a per order fee, not per card. It affords us the extra TLC in handling that your order deserves insuring that your cards arrive in pristine condition - truly a 'white glove" service. It includes the careful packaging of your cards (boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap, etc) and for cards sent directly to your recipient(s), the gentle handling into envelopes and hand applying of real postage stamps with great attention to detail.

14. Can I place an order over the phone?
Unfortunately we do not take any phone orders. All orders are placed online. The online process is easy and painless, thousands of cards are ordered each day by non-technical users. Please do not hesitate to call, online chat or email us with any questions you may have.

15. Can I print my address on my blank envelopes?
Yes, but it is a custom request, and more cost effective for orders with quantities of 200 cards or more. Please go through the whole personalization and shipping address process, then call us to finalize your order. Toll free: 877-347-6784 Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM PST.

The additional fee for this service is:

16. Can we place an order using a Purchase Order?
Yes you can, but only by established companies, nonprofits and hospitals. Orders must contain for 100 cards or more. Please call or email us for details. Toll free: 877-347-6784, support@gcuniverse.com.

17. Can I import my addresses and have you mail them?
Yes. You can import your addresses in a CSV format file. Best approach is to use our sample file as your template. There are no extra fees for this service. Some helpful hints regarding your import file:
  • Do not alter or delete any of the Columns or Column Headings
  • Make sure the zipcode column is saved at text (not numbers) so the leading zero display
  • Before importing, your file will needs to be saved in CSV format, not Excel
  • If you have your names in just one field, use the Company field (and leave First Name and Last Name blank)
  • If the Country field is left blank, it'll assume it's USA

18. Target related Order problems:
Frustrated with the whole Target order pickup process
Unfortunately this is something we have little control over since there are over 900 Target stores that we work with. Once we receive multiple complaints, we remove the troubled store from our list. An inexperienced employee can make all the difference in your experience. Our best advise is to plan ahead and order from our main print facility. You'll have no hassles, save time/gas, and get a better quality product (thicker stock, no white border on card front).

Target printer is not working (re-order process)
To re-order an order to the same or a different Target store, go to your Order History page either by signing in (if you had created an account), or by getting there from the Order History link in your order email confirmation. Find your order and do a reorder of the desired card, then send to your desired Target store or have it mailed to your directly from our main print facility. Order process take around 15 minutes to be sent to a Target store. Note: You will NOT have to pay for Target orders that you do not pick up.

My card falls apart after I open it
Your Target store used the incorrect (perforated) card stock. Make sure to let the Target employee know they used the wrong card stock. Use the re-order process above and reorder to the same or a different Target store. Or have us mail the cards to you directly.

I didn't get any blank envelopes
That's an error with the Target employee. Every greeting card is supposed to come with a blank envelope. Please bring it to their attention.

I do not like the quality of the cards
If you're unhappy with the product, simply return and don't pay for them. Our recommendation is to order the same card from us directly for a better quality product (thicker stock, no white border on card front).

Target can't find my order
Make sure you're at the Photo lab and talking to someone that's knowledgeable. If you received a "your order is ready to be picked up" email, that means it was printed and is stored somewhere. If not successful, use the re-order process stated above.

Can't find my Target store on your list
Not all Target store participate in our program. Approximately 900 Target stores participate.