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Stained Glass Window Mandala Coloring Book, Animals, Birds

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Title: Stained Glass Window Mandala Coloring Book, Animals, Birds

Inside: Raise your voice in joyous song!

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Artist Notes: This design shows animals that sing arranged in a stained glass style mandala. A hummingbird is included in the center and the four corners around the mandala. In each section of the rose window, a different animal is featured. They include turtledoves, grasshoppers, frogs, and roosters. The rooster is framed by the sun, since its call awakens people when the sun rises. The frog sits atop a lily pad. The grasshopper perches on a stalk of grass, while the turtledove sits on a tree branch. Small windows include music notes around these windows. Overall, the design shows the beauty of common, small animals and the song they offer the world.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Judy Dick

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