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Caregiver Encouragement Wilting Vintage Sunflowers

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Title: Caregiver Encouragement Wilting Vintage Sunflowers

Inside: You are in my thoughts ... During the course of your day, remember to breathe, to step out of your caregiver role once in awhile and nurture your own spirit. Know that I'm here to listen and to offer a hug.

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Artist Notes: The job of a caregiver, whether paid or purely done out of love, is often a depressing and exhausting one. We call them caregivers, because they have hearts of gold they care so much - that means they are vulnerable to having a heavy heart. Offer your encouragement to a Caregiver who needs a lift, a simple reminder that it's okay to need a hug.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Doreen Erhardt

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