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Friend's Birthday Greeting Card/'Happy Card' Collection

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Title: Friend's Birthday Greeting Card/'Happy Card' Collection

Inside: A friend like you doesn't come along very often. You make me laugh, and you're there for me when I cry. That's why your birthdays are so special. It's one more time to tell you how happy I am to have you for a friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Artist Notes: 'Happy Card' Collection by Norval Arbogast. Visit Our Store/ The easiest way is to Type in luv apples cardshop in the upper right hand corner of GCU's main paper card site or Google 'Norval Arbogast' Click on Blog [the first listing] click on GCU's widget at the bottom of first page.

Card Size: 7x5 Inches

Card Artist: Norval Arbogast

"best card for my best friend" By HDS - July 12th, 2020
the greeting inside just said that "perfect" sentiment. As soon as I saw it I knew this card was the winner .
"Says it just right/" By Mindy W - December 21st, 2018
For friend turning 70, says what I feel about our close friendship. Card selection very good.
"nice card for birthdays" By elaine b - April 11th, 2017
big selection of cards love it. the word are nice and express how you feel about a friend friends birthday for a good friend
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