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Pig Humor Riddles Get Well

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Title: Pig Humor Riddles Get Well

Inside: The Riddles: 1. What Do You Call A Pig With Laryngitis? 2. What Do You Call A Pig With A Rash? 3. How Do You Get Your Sick Pig To The Hospital? 4. What Kind Of Medicine Did The Sick Pig Need? 5. What Do You Call A Sunburned Pig? So, Slap A Little Oinkment On That Disgruntled, Sunburned Pig's Rash. If All Else Fails, Call The Hambulance. Hope You Are Feeling Better Soon.

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Artist Notes: A twist on the old adage "Laughter is the Best Medicine", this retro style chalkboard art card features a vintage pig illustration and silly pig riddles to put a smile on the face of someone feeling under the weather. The little dotted line beneath "medicine" is courtesy of PrettyGrafik at Mygrafico.Chalkboard background by Cupcake Cutiies at Mygrafico. Vintage Pig illustration by Yesterdays Clipart on Etsy.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Tamara Dawn Adams

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