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Funny-Get Well-Vintage-Dog-Nurse-Patient Greeting Card

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Title: Funny-Get Well-Vintage-Dog-Nurse-Patient Greeting Card

Inside: Hurry up and get well, before health care goes to the dogs!

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Artist Notes: Cheer someone up with this hilarious photo of a dog dressed as a nurse with her perfect bedside manner, juxtaposed with a patient who has a dog head cone on. Talk about reversed roles! The inside encourages the recipient of the card to hurry up and get well before health care goes to the dogs. That's encouragement! And humor is the best medicine!

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Patty Cimlov-Zahares

"LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!" By Mitch M - May 11th, 2017
How could this card NOT make your sick loved ones laugh their butts off?? I keep GCU cards like this on hand for that perfect occasion.
"MEDICINE GOING TO THE DOGS" By Cindy G - April 28th, 2015
So very cute and really tickled the receiver and made her day! Perfectly fitting for anyone who is ill and loves Dogs.
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