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Get well knee replacement surgery, patient with new knee

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Title: Get well knee replacement surgery, patient with new knee

Inside: Won't be long before you are well on the road to recovery and dancing to a new tune! Best wishes & get well soon

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Artist Notes: Fun illustration of the lower half of the patient in a hospital gown and wearing a pair of socks. The leg bones are visible as in an X-ray. In this design I have chosen a left knee replacement but would be happy to change it to the right knee or both knees.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Cisillia Tay

"Perfect card!" By Susan - August 22nd, 2018
I currently have two friends who are having knee replacements. This particular card is amusing, but depicts the hospital experience perfectly.
"perfect card for knee surgery" By Dorothy J - December 19th, 2017
so perfect for knee replacement surgery. Can't buy this in a store and personalize it as you want it. The recipient loved it.
"Cute and Precious Card" By Susan M - October 18th, 2017
The card was for a Church friend, who just had a Knee Replacement last week.
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