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Jewish Humor Oil Wells Menorah Funny Chanukah Card

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Title: Jewish Humor Oil Wells Menorah Funny Chanukah Card

Inside: Happy Chanukah anyway!

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Artist Notes: So weve been wandering around in and about Israel for 5,775 years now and youd think that in all time wed have discovered one little oil gusher at least once. I mean would we be making such a big deal on Chanukah about our oil lasting for eight days if we had, say, a few hundred billion barrels tucked away? I doubt it. Instead we have to settle for a land of milk and honey. Just try to sell either one of those for $120 a barrel and see how far youd get. So what we have here with a menorah made out of oil wells is a little poetic justice. Even though its only happening in our imagination.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Dan Brown

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