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Shalom Hanukkah with Menorah Prayer Shawl and Dreidels Chanukah

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Title: Shalom Hanukkah with Menorah Prayer Shawl and Dreidels Chanukah

Inside: At this season of Hanukkah, we recall the mighty miracles that saved us as a people and a nation. We honor the courage, faith and devotion of the Maccabees as they faced a time of great adversity. Our wish for you this Hanukkah, is that the same God-given light that burned in the hearts of the Maccabees, will set your own hearts aglow with courage, faithfulness and strength. Above all, we wish you peace and much love. Shalom!

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Artist Notes: A hanukkiah, all aglow with candles, seems to bring sparkles of light to its purple surroundings. A stylized tallit--prayer shawl--appears to have a vibrant life of its own, and two antique metal dreidels are ready to spin. This holiday greeting brings the recipient a wish for Shalom (Peace) at Hanukkah. This is an appropriate wish to convey to your Jewish friends and family, especially during these troubling times in the nation of Israel.

Card Size: 7x5 Inches

Card Artist: Ramelle Richardson

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