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Funny Christmas Card - Merry Christmoose

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Price: $3.49 each

Title: Funny Christmas Card - Merry Christmoose

Inside: Wishing you a fun and sparkling Christmas and a fabulous New Year

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Artist Notes: This is an illustrated Christmas card design featuring a comical looking moose standing in snow and wearing a Santa hat and coat. The moose illustration is set against a blue snowy sky with a vague hint of mountains in the distant background. At the top of the design is the text: 'MERRY CHRISTMOOSE' in a fun font with a digitally created gold sparkle overlay. Some of the dots, stars and shapes, creating the falling snow, also have a digitally created gold sparkle. PLEASE NOTE: The gold sparkle was digitally created. Natalie Kinnear Cards

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Natalie Kinnear

"Funny Merry Christmas" By Vicki S - December 18th, 2019
Great quality cards. You can send them to anyone. Love all the choices. Bright and cheerful. Good discounts and great prices.
"Cute Christmas card" By Leslie M - December 22nd, 2018
I got this one to send out to all our friends. It is a cute but simple Christmas card
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