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Halloween for Granddaughter, Flying Black Kitty & Pumpkin

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Title: Halloween for Granddaughter, Flying Black Kitty & Pumpkin

Inside: Happy Halloween with lots of love!

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Artist Notes: Enchant your Granddaughter with this darling little black kitty who is flying across the deep blue sky, with his friend, the smiling Jack O' Lantern, on his broom stick. She will enjoy the fact that this little animal thinks he can fly, as he soars in front of the full moon background, round and yellow behind the kitty and his pumpkin friend. The wording of the card is hand lettered, in white, with the words "Granddaughter - "Halloween wishes for you!". The inside wording completes the thought with the words "Happy Halloween with lots of love!"

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster

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