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Halloween for Great Grandson, Pumpkin Witch and Goblin Bears

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Title: Halloween for Great Grandson, Pumpkin Witch and Goblin Bears

Inside: On this Happy Halloween!

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Artist Notes: Looking for a very special card for your Great Grandson this year for Halloween? One that will let him know how special he is to you? He will love both the wording and the two little bears on this cute card, who are dressed up for Halloween and peeking over the edge of a enormous pumpkin. The two little bears are ready for Trick or Treat, one dressed as a tiny witch, wearing a curlee que black witch's hat, and the other dressed as a white-costumed goblin. The card's black whimsically hand lettered message is written along the side of the huge pumpkin, with the words "Love to you, Great Grandson". The setting for the little bear pumpkin peekers is in front of a setting colorful, yellow full moon with some spooky and gnarly black tree limbs reaching in from both sides of the card. Your thoughts to your Great Grandson are continued inside with the words "On this Happy Halloween!"

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster

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