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Passover Seven Branched Menorah Shalom to You at Passover

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Title: Passover Seven Branched Menorah Shalom to You at Passover

Inside: At this holy season of Passover, may your home and your hearts glow with the love of family and friends, and with happy memories of celebrations past, and may peace reign over every aspect of your lives. Happy Passover

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Artist Notes: The warm light from a seven-branched Passover menorah glows and seems to sparkle with geometric shapes reminiscent of the hexagram at the heart of the Israeli Star of David. This antique menorah is well-worn from much use, as it has shed its golden light over the Passover Seder table for several generations. Our Happy Passover card expresses a wish for peace "Shalom" at one of Judaism's holiest days. The inside text of this Passover card is worded to express a greeting to more than one person. You may change it if you prefer the singular tense to the plural.

Card Size: 7x5 Inches

Card Artist: Ramelle Richardson

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