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Sukkah Coloring Book, Pomegranates, Grapes

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Title: Sukkah Coloring Book, Pomegranates, Grapes

Inside: Enjoy the fruits of the season. Happy Sukkot!

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Artist Notes: This design shows a stylized sukkah, the booth that Jews build for the holiday of Sukkot. The sukkah represents a temporary home, and therefore is open on top. Traditionally, plants are placed on the roof and this design shows a lattice pattern with a decorative plant pattern. A sukkah is often made beautiful with all kinds of decorations, especially harvest motifs to celebrate the harvest season during which Sukkot takes place. This design shows a sukkah that has pomegranates and grapes hanging from the roof, two of the Seven Species mentioned in the Bible. A table holding fruit represents the joyous meals that take place in the Sukkah. It is shown against a patterned background, inspired by textile hangings that appear in some Sukkot. Decorative framing elements add to the design, like wood-patterned pillars and grass with flowers outside the sukkah.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Judy Dick

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