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Thanksgiving Life of Gratitude with Autumn Leaves and Acorns

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Title: Thanksgiving Life of Gratitude with Autumn Leaves and Acorns

Inside: It is a gift to be able to give thanks for the small things in our lives . . . the kind word, a smile from a stranger, the feel of the sun's warmth on your face on a bright Autumn day. Having a heart of gratitude leads to great things, just as a tiny acorn grows into an oak tree with branches that sweep the heavens. This Thanksgiving, may your heart be filled with joy for all things both great and small.

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Artist Notes: A watercolor painting of Autumn leaves and acorns make a fitting image for this Thanksgiving card expressing the truth that living a life of gratitude can lead to big things, just like tiny acorns which will one day be oak trees whose branches sweep the skies. You may add your own photo to the inside of this card if you wish, and may change the inside text to express your own sentiments.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Ramelle Richardson

"Beautiful Thanksgiving Card" By Pamela G - February 17th, 2022
This card reflects the fall season and is the perfect time to thank those who have given so much to others and do it in a very personal way by listing the ways they have made a diffference.
"Perfect card for family who has lost their Dad" By Muriel Sue - November 29th, 2021
This card, with a personalized inside greeting, is perfect for the family who has lost the person who has sat at the head of the table for over 50 years. The first of the holidays is always the hardest and reaching out in this special way let's them know they are not alone. LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!
"These cards are wonderful and well received by friends & family" By Denise S - October 24th, 2019
Love these cards and everyone who receives them does as well. Card is nice weight, not flimsy. Colors are nice too. In a lot of cases you are able to add or subtract different things on the cards.
"Thanksgiving Thoughts" By Ronda R - October 23rd, 2019
Great caring thoughts to send to family & friends. Cards arrived in a timely manner and are of high quality. Thanks
"Lovely Thanksgiving card." By kelley e - November 18th, 2015
I am amazed at the quality and vibrant design on the card. I will return since I am a card person.
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