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Robot Holding Heart Balloons & Rose, Valentine's Day

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Title: Robot Holding Heart Balloons & Rose, Valentine's Day

Inside: ... means, I'm nuts about you. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Artist Notes: Cute vintage robot with I heart you display running while holding three heart shaped balloons and a single rose. Happy Valentine's Day.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Ron Magnes

"Robot Holding Heart Balloons & Rose Valentine's Day" By Debbie S - March 15th, 2021
A cute card for boys for Valentine's Day or any child but does seem to be hard to find the right valentine's card for little boys, I ordered a few of these last year to send to some little guys.
"Very pleased" By Susan - February 7th, 2021
Sent 2 great-nephews, 31/2 and 8,each a personalized card. They loved the holiday cards I sent with their printed names so I know they will love these as well.
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