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Chinese New Year 2033 Ornate Vase Persimmons and Coins

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Title: Chinese New Year 2033 Ornate Vase Persimmons and Coins

Inside: May the new year of the ox, 2033, bring you good health, peace, and joy

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Artist Notes: Chinese new year greeting written on an ornate vase. The deep rich red neck of the vase is painted with chrysanthemum blooms and foliage, the Chinese character for luck and geometric designs. The body of the vase is a metallic blue shade, decorated with more blooms. The base is embellished with tiles written with the luck character upside down to symbolize luck coming in. Beside the vase are persimmons and coins. The images are set against a vertical dark yellow banner, and a slender deep red frame. The background is a soft yellow-pink wash. The persimmon has been chosen because of the multi-faceted symbolism of the fruit; longevity, joy, good luck and business success.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Cisillia Tay

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