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Chinese New Year 2024 Lots of Luck and Blossoms

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Price: $3.89 each

Title: Chinese New Year 2024 Lots of Luck and Blossoms

Inside: May the new year, 2024, bring you and your family health, wealth and happiness

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Artist Notes: Three columns of design and color feature in this Chinese new year card. The left column is a soft yellow-green translucent glass with floating golden spheres on which is written the Chinese character for luck. The middle column is a translucent dark greyish-green glass with blossoms in a soft greenish-white color. The right column is a vibrant yellow-green translucent glass with geometric spheres in black and soft yellow, and abstract blue waves. The three columns are separated by two gold banners. The character for luck is repeated in a frame 'hung' from both banners. The character is written upside down to symbolize luck coming in. All effects are digitally rendered.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Cisillia Tay

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