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First Halloween for Great Grandson, Peek-a-Boo Mouse

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Title: First Halloween for Great Grandson, Peek-a-Boo Mouse

Inside: A loving boo just for you!

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Artist Notes: Your brand new baby Great Grandson is celebrating his First Halloween this year. Celebrate this special occasion by sharing this fun Peek-a-boo card with him. This is one of the games he loves to play and he will love looking at the little fluffy, gray mouse that is popping up out of the pumpkin, at the center of the card, as he wears a curly black witch hat covered with brightly colored stars. The hand lettered wording "Peek-a-boo on your 1st Halloween Great Grandson" arches over the top of the mouse, on the bright orange card. You know your little Great Grandson loves to play a game of Peek-a-Boo and will be delighted with the little fluffy, gray mouse, who is playing a Halloween Peek-a-Boo game, as he pops up in his pumpkin. The inside wording of the card says "A loving boo just for you!"

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster

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