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Purim Megillah Coloring Book, Scroll, Purim symbols

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Title: Purim Megillah Coloring Book, Scroll, Purim symbols

Inside: All's well that ends well! Enjoy the megillah from beginning to end. Happy Purim

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Artist Notes: Fortunes rise and fall in the timeless Purim story set in ancient Persia, but its Jewish heroes ultimately come out on top. This design shows a megillah scroll, which includes the text of the Purim story. The beginning of the text in Hebrew is shown on the beginning of the scroll, which is pulled out of the megillah case. The scroll and case show Purim symbols, like Persian crowns, drinking cups, flowers representing the queens Esther and Vashti, coins, and diamonds. Many of the symbols represent the lavishness of the Persian court and beauty of megillah cases and scrolls. The central image, the megillah, is set against a diamond pattern representing luxurious textiles that a megillah scroll might be placed on as it is unrolled and read on the Purim holiday.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Judy Dick

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