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Stiff Joints: Old Age Friendship Pot Smoke Hysterical Birthday Card

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Price: $3.79 each

Title: Stiff Joints: Old Age Friendship Pot Smoke Hysterical Birthday Card

Inside: Wishing you high times and a smokin' birthday! Happy Birthday

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Artist Notes: The pair of smokin' old ladies black and white pictured on this hilarious card may not be too limber, but they 'are' hip. At their age, they're using marijuana both for recreational and medicinal purposes, and they aren't shy about trading tips on hitting the maximum high money can buy. Weed out all the rest of the non-cool cards, and gift someone this elder delight, grass is greener, grow humor, good cheer and mellow feelings card.

Card Size: 5x7 Inches

Card Artist: Ron Kanfi

"Good friends card" By Diane B - April 18th, 2022
This card is a good reminder for my fem friends who don't look like the characters on the front cover of this card.
"Don't bogart that joint" By Deborah R - September 2nd, 2021
If you looking for a card that shares past experiences with good ole friends, this is it. What a laugh and it made their birthday's less painful.
"First Order" By Deanna R - August 1st, 2021
Dear friend with a great sense of humor. She will really enjoy! Loved the captions.
"Best Card Ever for us growing up in the 1960's!" By Judy M - July 22nd, 2021
My 64 year old brother absolutely LOVED this card. I usually send a card and then call on his birthday. He actually called ME the day he got this just going on and on about how it was the best card he has ever received..his whole life! Best $3.50 I ever spent.
"Personalized Humor" By Jan - April 9th, 2021
This card was a perfect choice for someone who has been a fun friend for 61 years.
"It's for grown ups." By Carol A - February 17th, 2021
Too many cards are simply vulgar, tasteless and sophomoric. This one is funny without being tacky.
"Friend card" By Sue C - January 13th, 2021
Loved this card so amusing. Just right the person I wanted to send it to, especially as I could personalise it.
"Old age is catching" By Sue T - August 13th, 2020
This is a perfect card for so many of my older friends. They'll all get a chuckle out of it.
"old ladies on pot" By Sharon K - June 30th, 2020
Bought two of these cards ... one for my 62-year-old niece and one for my 64-year-old niece. The card itself is very funny. The card stock is of good quality. My problem is with the coloring. I've been ordering cards from The Greeting Card Universe for years and not had a problem. These particular cards were printed on Glossy paper. Perhaps this was how they were intended to be, but the color seemed "off" to me. Maybe I'll try the Matte next time.
"Birthday Card" By Y.S. - May 4th, 2020
Broad range of choices for all occasions and all personality types. Allows for choosing a card for especially for a specific occasion and specific person being allow the capabilities of personalizing the card and making it that much more special.
"For one very funny friend with a real sense of humor" By Gay A - April 17th, 2020
She loved this card and said it made your day .we have now reread it to many of our friends making jokes during the homebound, distancing epidemic. Great fun to lighten things up.
"Have order thsi for several friends" By lynda - February 9th, 2020
Old hippies will love this card...I have sent it to several friends who are now retired.
"Perfect for women of all ages." By Silver Lady - June 5th, 2019
I love this card. I bought one and then another 3. They are so funny and I laugh each time I send one. I know the recipients will also find them tremendously humorous too. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE INVENTOR OF THIS CARD. PLEASE DO SOME MORE AND SEND THEM TO ME FOR RATING. YOU HAVE GREAT HUMOUR THERE.
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